Refund policy

Refund Policy

We reconcile all transactions on our system with operators and payment gateways on transaction + 3 working day (excluding Sundays & holidays) basis. All transactions which have failed and where we have received payment confirmation from the payment gateway, will be automatically tried again and will be granted by the system within 3 working days from the date of transaction and a confirmation mail will be sent to your email id registered with us. In case we are unable to provide you the service due to any reason a refund will be processed within 3 working days from the date of transaction and a mail will be sent in confirmation. Please note in refund cases, the concerned bank may take 4-7 days to post a credit to your account.
This will be followed in all cases, however, for cases where you have received a success confirmation but you have not received your service activated, or any other case you are welcome to log a complaint by opening a support ticket or by sending a mail to hodo@hodo. in and we will provide you a quick resolution.
In cases, where you are not satisfied with the resolution. You may submit an escalation ticket by choosing "Escalate your Complaint" in the support page. Escalation requests will be accepted only after 7 days of the transaction.
Kindly note, in all cases our liability is only restricted to providing you a refund to the extent of payment received by us. We shall not be responsible for any other claim or consequential liability arising out of a failed transaction on our system.

Premium Web Services

In case you are not satisfied with any of the Premium Web Services provided by Hodo Medical Informatic Solutions Private Limited you can always request for a Refund by sending an email to with the details. The services like Domain name registration, Transaction Charges and the usage charges will be deducted and the balance issued as refund.

Online Consultation Booking.

In case the Patient cancels consultation Hodo does not assure complete refund. The transaction charges and other losses as borne by the doctor/hospital will be deducted and the balance amount refunded. An email has to be send to requesting the refund immediately after cancellation.

Online Treatment Package booking

If the Patient cancels the package after booking Hodo does not assure a complete refund. Transaction costs will be deducted by Hodo and the Hospital loss borne due to blocking of rooms or transportation arrangements or any other arrangements already made will be deducted by the hospital and the balance amount remaining will be refunded.

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If the client have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact Help Line at 9605222244.
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